Science Club

Science Club

Run by Mrs Clement



In the coming weeks we will be completing some engineering challenges whilst looking at other areas of science, such as: forces, acids and alkalis and changing materials. 



In our first week we completed the ‘Apples A-Head’ engineering challenge. Our little scientists had the challenge of designing an apple transporting device that they would use to carry out a relay race with their apple on their heads.

In science club this week we investigated the surface tension of water. We used a range of coins and pipettes to see how much water each coin could hold. Amazingly, the two pence coin can hold over 45 drops!




If you are interested in joining this club or any of our clubs please contact the school office. Or alternatively you can download a permission slip and return it to the school office. Please be aware that there maybe spaces or your child will be put onto a waiting list. 

Some of our clubs can only take a few children at a time due to the nature of the club.