Craft Club


What the children have to say.


We’ve been making mobiles in craft club with clean egg boxes. First we had to cut the egg boxes into the shape of a flower and paint it. Secondly, make a hole at the bottom of the flower and put a thread through it. After this we had to tie it to a stick and Boom! It’s done. We can use it for lots of lovely bedroom doors. It would be great if we could make a mobile with bells. We can hang it on the front door and when someone enters the house it will ring, or we can hang little toys just for decoration. These crafty things are so fun to take part in.

By Michael Manoj



I really like craft club because we do lots of creative activities. We did many things like, drawing bookmarks, doing origami, painting and colouring and decorating the school. I enjoyed making the bookmark, difference and diversity board and the hanging flowers.

We received a headteachers award for an outstanding diversity board.

By Tanujaa Year 5



 I think craft club is good because we make good things and it is fun to make things with Mrs Howard and we make things that are pretty. Craft club is really fun because we all work together. This club is the best club I ever went to.

By Rhianna