Courtyard Garden


Work is underway to transform our inner courtyard area as part of our Equality & Diversity Project. This space is used by the children and staff throughout the year as a relaxing learning environment and can be a source of inspiration.  We thought it was time for a change and we have agreed on a new theme - a “beach garden”. This week, staff volunteers from the Royal Bank of Scotland came into school to assist as part of their “give back to the community” scheme.


“They have created a child-friendly wildlife zone and play beach where the children of our school can have fun while enjoying and appreciating the wildlife around them. We are very grateful for their hard work, effort and the change they have made to our school – thank you to RBS!”

Tasneem Miah & Abigail McCutcheon


On Thursday 9th June  a company called RBS came to visit the school for our Equality & Diversity project. The aim was to make our old pond a beach, half sand and half pebbles. We want to create a child friendly environment that all the children can use. Four pupils from Year 6 interviewed a worker named Jodie age 35. Jodie quoted ‘The more hard work you put in now it will pay off later in life. Aim high!’ She also quoted that ‘I feel you are a very friendly school and we feel you appreciate us being here. 

Chelsea Year 6


RBS Gardening Team