Afternoon tea 
This week we invited the children from the Achievement for All programme and their families to celebrate their successes with an afternoon tea for KS1 and a breakfast for KS2. Cakes, fruit, bacon rolls and sausage sandwiches were thoroughly enjoyed and the children, their teachers and families were able to share their thoughts about what has gone well this term and look towards future goals. Comments from the children included: ' I loved my nan being there.' 'I liked having time to talk.''It was luxurious. The chocolate chip croissant melted in my mouth.' Parents commented 'It is very useful to have the time to talk about what I can do to help my child.'' It is nice for parents to meet the children and teachers in the relaxed environment.''It has been really useful to share the information I have been given from the doctor.''It has been really useful to see my child with their teacher, seeing how he can sit still and answer questions.' Thank you to everyone that came with their children we look forward to the next event.  

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