Senior Leadership Team




  1162 7 Small  

Mr W. Hill


1162 4 (Small)   A. Greenwood Ms (Small)

Mr G. Clement

Deputy Head 


Ms A. Greenwood

Deputy Head
1162 167 Small 1162 508 Small  1162 826 (Small)

Mrs J. Diwell

Foundation Stage Leader

Mrs S. Fraser

KS1 Leader 

Mrs E. Reynolds

Middle KS2 Leader

1162 63 (Small)   1162 7 (Small) 

Mr I. Hamilton

Upper KS2 Leader




 Mr M. Pax



   Teaching Staff  
1162 10 Small     K. Greenwood (Small)

Mrs D. Duffill

Nursery Teacher 


Miss K. Greenwood 

Nursery Teacher

1162 167 Small 1162 220 Small   1162 343 Small 

Mrs J. Diwell

Class 1

Miss C. McLeod

Class 2

 Miss E. Callowhill

Class 3

1162 449 Small 1162 508 Small 1162 569 Small

Mrs J. Tanner-Smith

Class 4

Mrs S. Fraser

Class 5

Mrs D. Cordon

Class 6

1162 49 Small 1162 692 Small 1162 835 Small

Miss C.Page

Class 7

Mrs K. Faherty

Class 8

Miss L. Ray

Class 9

1162 899 Small 1162 628 Small 1162 755 Small

Mrs A. Wilson

Class 10

Mr S. Cummins

Class 11 

Mr K. Hatton

Class 12

1162 337 Small 1162 63 (Small) 1162 180 (Small)

Mrs N. Jones

Class 13

Mr I. Hamilton

Class 14

Mrs W. Clement

A. Yates Miss (Small)  1162 624 (Small)   

Ms A. Yates

Miss H. Brown




Nursery Staff
Mrs K. Butterworth Nursery Nurse
Mrs L. Wilson Nursery Nurse
Miss A. Carvalho Nursery Nurse
Breakfast Club & After-School Club
Mr B. Hahn HLTA
Mr N. Dubouchet LSA
Ms D. Webb LSA
Administrative Staff
Mrs D. Day Office Manager/P.A. to Headteacher
Miss L. Rowland Finance Officer
Mrs H. Leach Pupil Data Administrator/Office Administration
Ms N. Harris Receptionist
Mrs L. Kimberley ICT Technician/Network Manager 
 Learning Support Assistants
Mrs. C. Howard,  Mrs D. Turnidge,
 Mrs S. Campfield, Mrs C. Rawnsley, 
Mrs K. Johnson, Mrs J. Witherall HLTA,
Mrs C. Vernon, Mrs C. Harris,  
Mrs G. Lovett, Mr N. Dubouchet,
Mrs K. Apps,  Miss M. Surtees,
Mrs A. Heanue, Miss R. Church,
Ms D. Webb, Mrs E. Clarke,
Mrs N. Stewart,Miss L. Kent,
Miss K. Ilett,  Mr J. Flitter.
Mr M. Pax SENCo
Mr B. Harn HLTA/SENCo Assistant
Mrs S. Cooper HLTA/EAL Support
Mr R. Noades Learning Mentor
Mrs R. Burrell Therapeutic Play and Well-being Support
Mrs C. Thornton Pastoral Care and Inclusions Manager
 Midday Assistants
Miss R. Church Senior Midday Supervisor
Mrs D. Wilderspin Mrs H. Beatty Mrs D. Evans  
Mrs T. Harnell  Mrs D. Taylor Mr M. Clarke  
Mrs D. Kaur  Mrs S. Horner
Caretaking/Cleaning Staff
Mr I. Anderson Site Manager
 Mrs D. Howe  Mrs A. Ho
Mrs L. Phillips  Mrs S. Burrage
Mrs D. Evans  Mrs S. Buss
Kitchen Staff
Mr C. Taylor Catering Manager
Mrs S. Buss Kitchen Assistant
Mrs L. Phillips Kitchen Assistant